“Restore The Republic” from the Shadow Government Criminal Empire

I have been researching what is the most obvious of realities in that just about everything we were taught in school was absolutely a pipe dream. Through extensive research of readily available information online a completely different reality that we departed from the founders path when we allowed Zionism, the Central Bank (Federal Reserve) and Lord Rothschild who had been long conspiring with Loeb who funded the Bolshevik Revolution, and subsequently the Bush family attached to the Harriman Banking empire and it was their Union Bank that bankrolled Adolph Hitler. It was the money of the American people that propped up Stalin. The World War was a phase in the master plan. This Rothschild Plan, is so deviously pervasive and intrusive that they seek to fund the rise of “ALL” TOTALITARIAN STATES……..WHy? Because in these state which governs by violent force against the people can not forever expect the people to accept this without pushing back. But here is where it gets very very ugly.

Does it not bother anyone that the German people submitted to Hitler ?  Well here is why. The Nazis fluoridated the water of the people. And it made them passive and not able to do more than whine and complain but never have the nerve to do anything when faced with hard choices.        Oh and by the way, they fluoridate ours too. We have been sold a lie and the truth is that fluoride is the by-product of the Aluminum industry that is not only highly toxic and would cost a fortune to dispose of, in the 50’s it was actually flipped and reported to be “good” for the teeth, and allegations that it killed all of the bacteria in the water…….well,…… yeah…..But……Why is it that it kills everything without the need to naturally boil water as has been done for thousands upon thousands of years? We were lied to that it was good for anything. So why? Well the truth is that the German people were covertly and massively dosed with a toxic chemical that among many very serious side effects not limited to it being a carcinogen and the huge rise of cancer since water fluoridation began in the 50’s, right after, I might add, we allegedly “won” World War Two, ……..Ok……..so, now we go a little deeper……       Under Operation Paperclip, we brought back with us and fully excused, the brightest Nazi minds there were. We gave these animals labs like Verner Von Braun, father of the Saturn IV rocket, and we gave Doctor Eric Traub, a NAZI, the Plum Island Biological Warfare laboratory on a small unprotected island in Puget Sound right of the shore of “Lyme” CT.  And all my friends are coming down with it. It is killing us. I write more about it in another piece. We must realize that these devils exist among us…..continuing their one world government Nazi/Soviet Socialist bankers dream!  Please check out the links on this page…..do your own research.    We have not had a legitimate government since 1913 at least perhaps even longer. More on the Federal Reserve swindle, and the Mossad connection to 9/11. Remember, I exist to bring you truth…..void of hate or judgement based on race alone. We must develop a feel and get a pulse for a people, their customs and the like. There has been enough hate spread. What people do not realize is that Zionism in and of itself is a lie. The bible condemns the Jews with Gods wrath more in the Old Testament than any other message. Based on an interpretation these people have taken the role of the Nazi Occupier. They have placed Palestinians in a prison encampment while going on about lives with all the comforts they deny Palestine.   And we have all been manipulated. It is time to take back the Republic.

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